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Node Snapshots.Super fast downloads of up-to-date node snapshots to support decentralization and node providers.

Storj is teaming up with Ankr to offer snapshots-as-a-service. With every passing day, it becomes harder for blockchains to remain decentralized as the storage requirements increase and more blocks must be downloaded and synced to launch nodes. For new node operators, syncing a node can take days or weeks.

  • Download at your maximum bandwidth and processing capacity from anywhere in the world
  • Launch your node 10x faster!
  • Support decentralization
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Access a full archive snapshot for only $15/TB.

Made by Ankr, hosted on Storj.

Objects can use up to 16 parallelism per GB of archive size. Based on the capability of the machine on which you're running the uplink client, you can configure parallelism to as high as 2x the available thread count.

For example, if you had a file that was 2GB+ and 16 threads an ideal setting would be 32. Even settings as low as 8 will offer > 1Gb/s performance, so there is a lot of flexibility to tune to your needs and environment.

Node Synchronization

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  • Uplink CLI (For downloading from Storj)
  • tar (For inline decompression)
  • zstd (For inline decompression)

Download and Install Uplink

AMD64 Below for other OS (

curl -L -o
unzip -o
sudo install uplink /usr/local/bin/uplink
curl -L -o
unzip -o
sudo install uplink /usr/local/bin/uplink

Download Chainstate and Pipe to Tar

Inline multithread download that unTARs to your target directory and does not require double the hard drive space

uplink cp --parallelism 16 --access '<PROVIDED_ACCESS_GRANT>' sj://chains/snapshot.tar.zst - | tar -xv --zstd -C ~/chain/data
uplink cp --parallelism 16 --access '<PROVIDED_ACCESS_GRANT>' sj://chains/snapshot.tar.zst - | tar -xv --zstd -C ~/chain/data

Available Snapshots.

optimismgetharchive2022-12-271.68 TB$25.25
bsc_testnet_chapelgetharchive2022-12-23326.93 GB$4.90
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